Dr. Christian Bertrand

Certified Specialist in Tax Law

Partner since:

Counsel since:

Senior Associate since:

Associate since:

Lawyer since:


Family status:
Married, two children

Studied in:
Trier and Berlin
Dissertation on criminal law


  • 2008 to 2010 Research associate at the Chair for Criminal Law and Criminal Trial Law at the University of Trier
  • Certified consultant for commercial criminal law (DAA)


  • Tax disputes 
  • Tax investigation 
  • Commercial criminal law 
  • Customs duties 
  • Compliance 
  • Income tax and social insurance law 
  • Interne Ermittlungen 

My path to Streck Mack Schwedhelm

Following my studies, I was already sure that I wanted to become a lawyer. Making my way to the ‘Jurday’ applicants’ day in April 2010, I had not necessarily expected to meet my subsequent employer there. However, my first contact with the firm and my future colleagues left me with a lasting impression. We remained in contact throughout my initial training and at the end of 2011, I was invited by Streck Mack Schwedhelm to complete my traineeship in their Cologne offices. A week later, I was sitting in the train returning from the interview: My positive first impression had been confirmed. After completing the three months of lawyer training I was convinced: This was where I wanted to stay! Another move was not an option – with one exception: From the trainees’ room to a lawyer’s office.