As a result of the tightening of tax regulations and the intensified use of criminal tax law as a 'regulatory tool', companies are increasingly seeking to assure tax compliance in order to avoid sanctions by ensuring that they adhere to legal requirements. We advise and support companies in the development and implementation of tax compliance management systems (Tax-CMS). These consultations are facilitated by the broad experience we have gained in representing companies and corporate officers in tax disputes and tax investigations. Our objective is to create a tailor-made CMS rather than selling an off-the-peg product. If any uncertainties arise in the treatment of specific tax issues, we will a prepare binding information package or formulate a supplementary explanation relating to the current tax return. And if incorrect tax returns have been filed in the past, we will assist with the tax correction. We may say without exaggeration that there is no law firm in Germany that has greater expertise in the complex interplay of legal requirements formulated under § 153 AO (‘tax correction’) and § 371 AO (‘criminal self-reporting’).

Our competencies

  • Taxation of the private individuals 
  • Taxation of sole entrepreneurs and freelancers 
  • Taxation of partnerships 
  • Corporate taxation 
  • Corporate transformation 
  • Insolvency tax law 
  • Non profit organizations / foundations / public sector 
  • Value added tax 
  • International tax law 
  • Commercial criminal law 
  • Compliance 
  • Inheritance and gift tax / succession 
  • Special transaction and excise taxes 
  • Customs duties 
  • Income tax and social insurance law 
  • Company law/M & A 
  • Adviser liability 
  • Taxation of real estate