Dr. Michael Streck

Specialist in tax law


Lawyer since:


Family status:
Married, three children

Studied in:
Bonn, Cologne and Lausanne
Dissertation on family law


  • 1969 Financial Administration
  • President of the German Bar Association (1998–2003)

My path to independence

My ‘law tutor’ was a very gifted lawyer who passionately supported freedom and independence for the advocacy. He was, however, against the integration of partners, so I left him in order to found my own partnership under the precept of ending the partnership each evening and recommencing it every morning.

Keenness on independence as well as its enjoyment enhance not only our performance, but also life itself with regard to

  • professional self-sufficiency,
  • expression of opinion,
  • focusing on the client’s interests
  • an independent view of what others say or what fashions and trends tell you,
  • refusing to let clients manipulate and ‘bend’ the lawyer’s soul.

One of the most valuable facets of our profession is our freedom and independence for, but also from, our clients.

And our fees reflect that value.

Michael Streck


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