Commercial criminal law

Representation in tax litigation and tax investigation proceedings displays many references to general commercial criminal law. We defend our clients even if fraud, breach of trust or corruption allegations have been made in connection with the tax investigation. Cross-references to insolvency offences or allegations of social security fraud are also typical. The objective of criminal defence is generally the termination of the preliminary proceedings without a court hearing. If this is not successful, we will also represent the clients in the main proceedings at the criminal court as well as in any further instances that may arise. In all stages of the procedure, we cooperate closely and regularly with reputable criminal lawyers, whether we are working for a client as part of a team, or in the event that the representation of various involved parties needs to be organised. It follows that the field of commercial criminal law includes such cases in which, due to our specialisation, we are entrusted with the conduct of revision proceedings in criminal tax law, since in this area not only the substantive tax and penal provisions but also the procedural peculiarities of revision law must be kept strictly under control.

Our competencies

  • Taxation of the private individuals 
  • Taxation of sole entrepreneurs and freelancers 
  • Taxation of partnerships 
  • Corporate taxation 
  • Corporate transformation 
  • Insolvency tax law 
  • Non profit organizations / foundations / public sector 
  • Value added tax 
  • International tax law 
  • Commercial criminal law 
  • Compliance 
  • Inheritance and gift tax / succession 
  • Special transaction and excise taxes 
  • Customs duties 
  • Income tax and social insurance law 
  • Company law/M & A 
  • Adviser liability 
  • Taxation of real estate