Our expertise – criminal law and tax law

Participants in today’s business world can quickly find themselves involved in a tax investigation - either as the accused or as a witness.

Effective defence against tax investigation requires specialists in criminal and taxation law. This is precisely where our expertise lies - as one of the few highly specialised law firms in this domain, we are able to combine both.

More recently, preventive consulting in terms of tax compliance is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our activities. How can one recognise risk constellations at the earliest possible stage? Should it have come to a case of evasion, we are able to fully prepare self-declarations that avoid penalties, and accompany these throughout the entire proceedings up to recognition of impunity.

In classic tax investigation proceedings, we support clients from the search phase to the agreement phase or, if such an agreement cannot be reached, in the defence proceedings in court.

Additionally, we represent our clients in all criminal law appeals and complaints as well as cases of custody, should these occur.

Criminal tax proceedings are regularly accompanied by tax dispute proceedings, so that these can be handled in combination.