Dr. Heinz-Willi Kamps

Certified Specialist in Tax Law

Partner since:

Lawyer since:

Family status:
Three children

Studied in:
Cologne, Richmond / Virginia (legal clerkship)
Dissertation on tax and professional law


  • Vice-Chair of the Managing Committee of the Inheritance Law Working Group of the German Bar Association
  • Co-publisher of ErbR-magazine for complete inheritance law practice (ErbR)
  • Member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA)


  • Tax disputes 
  • Tax investigation 
  • Taxation of sole entrepreneurs and freelancers 
  • Inheritance and gift tax / succession 
  • Company law/M & A 
  • Taxation of real estate 

My path to Streck Mack Schwedhelm

My hobby was welding metal furniture or other metal objects that finally led to a self-created, complete and real-life piece of work. In 1987 I was in my fourth semester studying law and missing the previously mentioned attributes. Then I had the opportunity of becoming a student-assistant proof reader for Dr. Streck and Mr. Rainer, the founders of a law firm that was unknown to me at the time. The variety of matters dealt with, the reasoning skills, the creativity of the contracts and the meaningful conciseness of language all fascinated me. These attributes were supported by the distinctive legal personalities, who were increasing in number. This was where I could ‘weld’ my legal future. One thing was clear: This was where I wanted to become a tax lawyer – and the arc glows still.