Dr. Jens Stenert

Certified Specialist in Tax Law

+49 221 49 29 29 - 85



Partner since:

Lawyer since:


Family status:
Married, three children

Studied in:
Dissertation on tax law


  • Tax disputes 
  • Tax investigation 
  • Taxation of the private individuals 
  • Corporate transformation 
  • International tax law 
  • Taxation of sole entrepreneurs and freelancers 
  • Taxation of partnerships 
  • Corporate taxation 
  • Inheritance and gift tax / succession 
  • Value added tax 
  • Taxation of real estate 

My path to Streck Mack Schwedhelm

A destination with detours

Having set my sights during my studies on becoming a tax lawyer, Streck Mack Schwedhelm was an obvious choice: My preference was for an employer with an excellent reputation (determined via the usual rankings) but of modest size. The application process was very positive. Initially, my instinct had led me to join another well-known law firm, known to me on account of an internship there, where I was mainly concerned with tax planning and only briefly encountered the forensic side. I was only partially involved in factual discussion with financial officials and judges and with the contests to find the better arguments. But these aspects of a lawyer’s job were precisely the reason why I had originally wanted to become a tax lawyer. So after about two years, I applied for a second time to Streck Mack Schwedhelm, and there I found what I was looking for: Legal work in all areas of tax law, in particular tax dispute and criminal tax procedures as well as tax planning consultancy.