Insolvency tax law

This field of expertise includes all tax issues that may arise in the areas of insolvency and reorganisation. We not only advise companies that are threatened with insolvency, including their shareholders and management, but also their tax consultants and the insolvency administrator. The aim is to avert the crisis as effectively as possible while at the same time avoiding liability risks. Irrespective of this, we conduct the tax-related redress procedures for the participants during the crisis period.

Our competencies

  • Taxation of the private individuals 
  • Taxation of sole entrepreneurs and freelancers 
  • Taxation of partnerships 
  • Corporate taxation 
  • Corporate transformation 
  • Insolvency tax law 
  • Non profit organizations / foundations / public sector 
  • Value added tax 
  • International tax law 
  • Commercial criminal law 
  • Compliance 
  • Inheritance and gift tax / succession 
  • Special transaction and excise taxes 
  • Customs duties 
  • Income tax and social insurance law 
  • Company law/M & A 
  • Adviser liability 
  • Taxation of real estate